Sidlangaye Hydroponic Garden


Sidlangaye Hydroponic Garden Project is the project that began on 2011 by 10 members of the community under Matheni Traditional Authority. Members approached ZAC knowing exactly what they needed. They only asked for a garden then ZAC took them to Melmoth to show them what a hydroponic garden is. They were very interested in the hydroponic.

The members came back and they had to report back to Inkosi of Matheni Traditional Authority. Inkosi was also asked to visit the hydroponic garden at Melmoth and she was also interested. Thereafter the site for the garden was identified and the members were taken for training.

Hydroponic garden fencing was done in August 2012, installation of tunnels followed in November 2013. The project started working on April 2014 but they started making production on September 2014 to date.


The challenges that the project had come across is the crime from the members of the community of which is; burglary, cutting of the fence and stealing of tools such as; shovels and wheelbarrows. APPROACH As to overcome the challenge of crime in the project, the members decided to guard the project in order to protect it, and the community meeting was conducted to discuss the problem. ZAC later assisted with 24 hours security where 3 guards are on a rotational shift basis.


The aim of the project is to help the garden project members to make a better living, support their families and to help them to pay for their kids’ education.


The project is delivering fresh Tomato, cabbages, spinach, onion and beetroot.


The difficulties encountered through the delivery of the project is that the transport has not been available at the time of delivering on time because the project has made the certain agreement in some shops at Nongoma i.e. Arizona; Cambridge and to the members of the public.


The project is reaching higher than their aim because orders deliveries are placed twice a week.


The additional outputs are cabbages, spinach, carrots, onions and beetroot.


On the project we learnt that:

  • The project study must be done effectively
  • Ensure the viability of the project
  • The members must have input
  • The members should have preventative measures in place to prevent vandalization of the project


  • Expansion of the project
  • Alternative plantation of different crops
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