Nzamangamandla Vegetable Garden

The proximity of the Black Umfolozi River is a strategic resource used to enhance economic opportunities for community members in Zululand Anthracite Colliery’s (ZAC) four host Traditional Councils in rural northern Zululand.

In the Matheni Traditional Council area, the Nzamagamandla fresh produce co-operative was established in the mid 1990’s under the guidance of the ZAC Sustainable Development team an. Ensuring the sustainability of the project, ZAC provides equipment for extracting water from the nearby Black Umfolozi River to a water storage tank at the garden.

The harvested vegetables are sold to the kitchens at the ZAC office and residential complex while excess produce is sold on a weekly basis to staff and community members.

Advice and guidance as to the care and tending of crops as well as crop rotating is provided by the Owen Sithole Agricultural College as well as Department of Agriculture extension officers.

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